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Maruf Ahmed

Excel Expert, WordPress Enthusiastic, UI Designer

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I work with corporate and individual professionals who seek outstanding and prompt supports under enjoyable human relationship.

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The service you need…with the process you want.


Excel Training

Every person needs useful training to learn something great. Most of the peoples naturally not born as a self learner. I have been mentoring Microsoft Excel over a decade. Now I teach my clients over online since Corona pandemic has started.

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WordPress Websites

Simple WordPress driven website is now the first choice of any client. Because WordPress is absolutely free and very user friendly and easy to maintain. I can deliver any standard site based on any theme you want in a single day! Also my client get free unlimited review for upcoming three days. I can make any E-commerce and a site consists special feature.


Excel Solutions

Microsoft Excel is such a type of application that will increase your productivity in your business. Some of the tasks you perform in excel is simple. But numerous tasks of excels are hidden by nature. These hidden features suddenly may fall you in a critical situation. When you fell in these type of situation in Microsoft Excel , then you need instant solution. Yes , I am here to help you!

About me

I am freelancer IT professional with corporate receptivity and great-big skills. I’m enthusiastic, exciting and direct. I like to work your team, making your technical job easier. I am especially caring of higher approach and corporate clients who love brand standard as much as I do.

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My Latest Works


Making of an e-commerce Website

Recently i completed an e-commerce site of a local client.The client wanted to me a simple , organic view of his site.Because he intended to sell organic food via…
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