How to find a profitability niche?

Over the last six months, I have become very interested in SEO and Content Marketing. I search every day. I learned many important keywords like Niche, Trend, Search Volume, Low competitive Niche, Domain Authority, etc. Amazingly I found that it is a big ocean and I am just working on a small drop of water! Perhaps I am still at the beginning of my affiliate journey.

However, my mentor has given me an assignment to research and make a report “to find a profitable niche”, Let’s get started!

What does Niche refer to?

People search every day more likely every second. They want to find the solutions from their searches. If we divide their searches, we will see they are looking for a product or a service. This product or service is in a market segment or niche. As an Effective marketer, you should draw attention by focusing on the information a reader is looking for and influencing him to buy the products from the niche. 

Now, I want to explain some weapons to find a profitable niche for your website and upcoming affiliate business.

Choose your expertise area

Every man has some expertise and an earned skillset. This skill proves that he or she can do this effortlessly. Suppose a doctor is naturally an expert in their industry like health, nutrition, surgery, and medicine. Any doctor can start a health blog. On the other hand, a sportsman can work in the sports industry. Likely in any sports products, fitness, fitness accessories, etc. If you start from any unknown niche that is new for you. Then you cannot keep pace with your competitor. Also, you have to hire a person who has expertise in that niche.

Avoid too narrow

Make an analysis and select a niche that is not too narrow. If you choose a micro-niche like “Air-conditioned” and make the site intent to write all articles based on this, in the long run, you will not get any good results. Because your niche is too narrow. Rather than selecting “Cooling system” as a niche and writing articles, you will get a good result.

Fixed your target Audience

 As a marketer, you will work with a niche for a specific group of the target audience. At this point, a good marketer should fix which audience or reader he or she will work for. It is not necessary to work with your local area or country. I suggest that you should focus on the USA and other developed countries. Also, you can research the google trend website ( for a specific audience according to geographical boundaries

The audience has “to buy” intent

When you select a niche, you must have buyer intent. That means, if people search for any information only to gather information from your site rather than to buy something, then your niche will not be recognized as profitable. 

The price range of the Niche

After selecting a niche, you should keep in your mind the price range of the niche. Suppose you have selected Cycling Niche for your website. So, you should research the product price for cycling and its accessories. Check how much you will get the commission after the product has been sold on and other platforms.

I explained the most important factors to finding a profitable niche. But there are many things you should consider to select a suitable niche for you. Do research every day until you find it. Keep it up, buddy!

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