Importance of English for Freelancers

“Can you speak English fluently?” My uncle asked. I said, “Not really, I’m trying, uncle.” Then the uncle said again, “Can you write with confidence, correctly?” I replied, “Uncle, I can write but I can’t write correctly.” Then my uncle said, “The authorities want a good and perfect English speaker and writer. So, I can’t refer you! Dear nephew.”

Oops! What a tragedy! I could not grab the opportunity of a smart job due to a lack of English skills. I must say that a freelancer should know the basic foundation of English language skills. English skills consist of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Now, I like to explain why English is so important to freelancers

Write a Resume or Cover letter:

To apply for any job, you have to make an attractive resume. Also, an elegant cover letter required for applying to any job in the local and global marketplace. So, moderate writing skills are needed for doing these.

For Facing interview:

“Tell me about Yourself!”. The most common question while you are facing the interview. You can say it in your mother language. But if you try to speak in fluent English then the employer may like your attitude and select you.

Client’s Requirements:

As a freelancer, you need to have a clear understanding of your client’s job requirements. If you fail to understand, you will not be able to do the job properly. Excellent reading ability is required here.

Overall Confidence as a Freelancer:

No freelancer can proceed smoothly in the marketplace without English skills of reading, writing, and speaking. Besides that, nowadays in any job, business communication in English is very important.So, I recommend that English knowledge is a must for any freelancer.

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