Logitech K120 Review-The best membrane keyboard at a low price

I use a mechanical keyboard in my home for fast typing. Last week, I went to buy a standard wired keyboard for my office use. The salesman showed me many keyboards, but I bought a Logitech K120 keyboard for handy use and longevity. Yes, this keyboard is the best membrane keyboard at a low price. Now I am going to explain , why should you purchase it?

Why Should You purchase Logitech K120

Mechanical type ones are expensive, but they do offer a great experience. Moreover, they are highly used for Gaming purposes. So the cheapest solution is a membrane keyboard! Logitech K120 is a simple , flat designed, general purpose keyboard for all types of users. Please check some of the important features of this product.

Cheap and Affordable

If you want to use a keyboard with the best performance but at the lowest price, you should pick the Logitech K120. A good  Membrane Keyboard is not always affordable but this one is acceptable for all tasks.

Slim Design

This is a standard membrane keyboard that can be used for fast typing. Because it has a 1.1 x 18.43 x 7.17 inches dimension. So, you are able to handle this , easily and effortlessly. Also, it is not over weighted , only 1.5 pounds.


I have been using the Logitech K120 for the last 18 months without any hassle. Although it is a membrane keyboard it has a very strong body cover. Ordinary water droplets and pieces of food did no harm. My son dropped the keyboard from the table a few times, but it was no problem. 

Fast Typing

Since I bought a Logitech K120 , I am observing my typing speed increasing day by day. Surprising , I saw in an YouTube video , a person who reached his aimed typing speed using this keyboard

Some important things you should know before buying it

No backlit

Many Membrane keyboards have backlit facilities. Backlit allows you to show keys at night. In the K120 keyboard, there is no backlit feature.

Use of Hotkeys

Mechanical Keyboards contain customizable hotkeys collections. That means you can add , modify and delete any keyboard shortcuts. Due to the absence of this feature, you cannot make any hotkey or shortcut using a membrane keyboard. Logitech K120 keyboards have no built-in hotkeys.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is Logitech K120 good for gaming?
    Answer: You can play games using this keyboard but the Logitech K120 keyboard is not a specially membrane keyboard for gaming.
  • Does K120 support USB 3.0?
    Logitech K120 supports USB 2.0 but it doesn’t support USB type C. So, before buying you should check this.
  • Does it have any warranty?
    The company provides a three years warranty from the purchasing date.
  • How many numbers does this keyboard have?
    The Logitech K120 keyboard consist of 110 keys

Most reviews of this keyboard proved that Logitech K120 is the most economical keyboard with high performance. If you think , if you have a low budget but you need better typing speed , you should choose it without any hesitation. Please check out another suggestion at membrane keyboards for gaming, if you are looking for any gaming keyboard. Thanks for reading!



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