How to write SEO-friendly Content?


Today my friend asked me “Can you write SEO-friendly content for my website?” I didn’t reply to him because I actually do not know what it is? So, immediately I searched on the web and learned some important steps to create SEO-friendly content.

Adding SEO-friendly keywords to the content is a skill that combines many sub-skills. It is actually a process so I like to depict it step by step. Let’s start…

Content scraping

Scraping or data scraping is an illegal process of data collection. That means, you collect original data from a website and publish it on another website. Sounds weird! But in the real world it might be hard to source original data anywhere but from a website. So, data scraping may be a step in the SEO-friendly content writing process. Experts say, without this step, you cannot generate your basic idea to write any content. 

Content Planning

The important second step of outlining your idea. Before starting writing an ideal content writer makes documentation of his plan in a paper. In the plan, he may allocate how many words for each section he will write. Also, he can set his LSI keywords here.

Content Writing

The most important step is to write the original content. Writers must give priority to Focus keywords and LSI keywords. Also, applying a catchy title and a smart intro is crucial. Also at the ending, a summary or conclusion must be given.

Plagiarism Check

Google or any search engine dislikes duplicate content. Content that includes plagiarism will not be ranked. So your content must be cleared of plagiarism. There are many sites and tools to check plagiarism. There are some free and paid tools for checking plagiarism. They are,, and

Grammatical Check

You must follow the grammatical rules to write your content in English or any language. As an international language, English grammar has some rules for sentence making. Also, there are some important ingredients of grammar like tense, voice, narration, etc. Unconsciously, we make some mistakes in our content while writing. There are some tools for correcting grammatical mistakes in your content. The most popular is the Grammarly app. If you write with the Grammarly facility, you will get necessary correction alerts. Immediately you can correct it with help of Grammarly.


After writing any article or blog, you should check word by word and rewrite if necessary. Especially, After checking your writing through any spin checking website, if the spin report is high, you should also rewrite it to reduce this score. The rewrite process is very effective to finetune your writing sentences and overall appeal.


The content writing process is not recognized as a scientific process. Every person has his own style to think and start writing content. Above all, we explained the most popular approach to planning and creating content for a website. As we intend for SEO-based content creation, each step is important for the final output. So, add a customized step for your content!

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